Fold out month for the filofax mini

Some time after getting my much coveted red mini filofax, I found I was hardly ever using it, and that I had made up a month-to-view piece of paper that I was carrying around, getting more and more bedraggled as the month went by.
In stroke of genius I put the two together to get fold out monthly pages. The only downside is that ordinary printer paper is thicker than the filofax inserts, and by folding the months in four and then in three, I effectively use 12 pages per month. So I can only keep about 3-4 months at a time.
That being said here is July:

1 Basic sheet 2a 2 Vertical folds 1a 3 Horizontal folds 1a
4 Filofax in use 4a
 4 Filofax in use 1a

After printing, cutting out and hole punching, after folding vertically, after folding horizontally and as it is in use.

The template is here and for the rest of this year I have April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November and December.

This post was brought to you by ImageOptim, and the letter lets-not-include-my-GPS-data-in-the-photos.

Islington Library Opening Hours insert for the Filofax mini

Here are all the Islington library opening hours in a simple matrix so you can quickly see which libraries are open at any given time. Can’t wait for amazon to post your new must read book (DVD, CD)? See which library has it and go to the one that’s open. With at least four libraries open into the evening each week, work needn’t get in the way of reading. You can also login and order books to be waiting for you at your nearest library. The only thing missing is a Netflix setup. Ideally I would have a list of all the books I want to read in my account and they would send them to me one at a time as I return the previous one.

I think I should point out that far from being paid by Islington for this endorsement, I pay them.

I’ve sized this print out to fit into a filofax mini. The mini has almost no accessories so I’m reduced to DIY inserts (though filofax probably doesn’t publish Islington opening hours in any size).